Not quite there yet, but welcome ♥

Hello lovely peoples ^_^ Welcome to! Yes, its an actual thing lol. Over the last two years (almost) I've been contemplating what I wanted to do with this site. I didn't know if I wanted to be a web host or do YT videos. So... I ended accidentally doing both, oops! Haha. This layout, I've had for a while now but wasn't ready to open. I am now (kinda). Things are set up just how I want but so far I wanted to get my hosting up and running on a site for organizing and etc.

Soooo when will it be ready?

In a few weeks I'll be packing and leaving for Texas soon so most definitely not everything will be ready soon. For the most part my hostees will be listed along with my hosting information :) It'll be longer to set up and get my YT channel fully running.

What YouTube channel?

I decided to make a YouTube channel where I will showcase simple and complex tutorials and skills involving Photoshop and relative programs. I wanted to do speed arts, how to's, etc. As said before its not done but will be not too far from now :)

Are you currently taking hostees?

Currently I'm not taking hostees. Well I'm not until I get my current ones up and running on the hosting page on this site. There will be a form for everyone to fill out.

Can we be affies?

Glittersweet will only be affiliated with out YouTube channels who will accept us as affiliates as well. Sorry!
This page is currently under construction. If you have any questions please contact me via Facebook or you can email me at